Creativity: Embracing your inner artist by visiting an art gallery.

Creativity: Embracing your inner artist by visiting an art gallery.

As artists guarding our creativity, we must encourage the artist in us. All work and no play dulls the imagination. Even though your art is technically your passion, we can often make it work—and get results. Treat your artist to a fun visit to your local art store.

Watch for the latest stuff.

Explore the store to find out what’s new. They always come up with new things, new techniques, new and improved papers, paints, and pens. Colors are constantly renewed and improved. Give your eyes a feast.

Spend some time in the book section.

Spend some time checking out new artists. Discover different kinds of styles, even different media. Take it all in and expand your mind. Look for something that excites your inner artist.

Finally, let your artist buy something new.

If you’re on a tight budget, make it small but let yourself buy something tasty to take home.

As a child, I liked to shop at windows with my mother. She shopped, I shopped. I got to look at all the toys and see how they worked, and I even got to play with them. I always had a little bit of money, so I spent all day deciding which little treasure to take home. I loved the day, and that decision was a big part of my day.

At the beginning, determine the amount you want to spend and find something that excites the child inside. Take your treasure home and see what it does for your creativity.

I’ve noticed that something new is always an elevator. If you make it into something small, you can often do it, even if you’re on a pretty tight budget. So take care of your creativity, feed it, go to your local art store. Take all the wonderful things there, and take home a little something for the artist inside.

Gail Karen (GK) Eckert is a singer, musician, songwriter, author, and educator. In 1987, she founded Musikhaus Studio of Creativity in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

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Creativity is her specialty. She has written many articles on creativity and journaling. Visit her site for more tips. Here’s what to look for before buying an art for a friend.

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