Art Shoppers

Six great tips for art shoppers

Shopping for art can be an exhausting experience, especially since most buyers have little idea of the piece’s value. Most art shoppers have experienced these difficulties at some point. And to help you have a more successful art shopping experience, we’ve rounded up the top tips to keep in mind the next time you shop.

Tip one:  Compare, compare, compare!”

Comparison shopping is the best way to learn about the different types of art, the type you like, and how much it costs. Also, reading about different art forms can give you a better idea of what’s available. There are numerous ways to do this type of window shopping, and one of the best is through online markets. Use popular search engines to look at the different types of art available, and then you can shortlist what you like. Another good way to compare art is to visit local art galleries to see the different works available.

Tip TWO: Look at the quality.

The quality of a work of art is based on many parameters. However, many critics argue that the uniqueness, beauty, and balance of the art are important features. See how special a work of art is compared to other works, see if it appeals to your eye and imagination, and also see if the colours blend into each other. Other aspects of quality to consider are the quality of the medium, paint, or work and whether they can withstand normal conditions of humidity and temperature. Consider the quality of the framing that went into keeping the artwork intact.

Tip Three: The portrait’s technique and skill

Another important aspect to consider is the skill and techniques used by the artist. Most works of art are heavily influenced by some form of art, whether it is watercolor, oil paintings, or pop art. Check out the technique used by the artist whose work you plan to buy.

Tip Four: Look at the prices.

Art doesn’t always have to be expensive. So when you go shopping, always ask about prices. If you think a work of art is priced too high, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the work of art is valuable. Alternatively, if something is priced cheaper, it doesn’t mean the artwork is bad. So look at the prices when shopping.

Tip FIVE: Buy directly from the artists.

Many people today try to buy art on third-party sites such as eBay. However, choose to buy artwork directly from artists if you can. This way, you not only get art for a good price, but you also know the story behind the work you have bought. All benefits go directly to the artist.

Tip SIX: Go with what you like.

Ultimately, it’s your personal tastes and preferences that matter. If you find an abstract work of art appealing, go for it. If you want a personal portrait, choose that. Follow the advice of friends and well-wishers, but choose the artwork you love the most. At the end of it all, art should be something you like, love, and cherish.

Ronan Le Breton is a Bali-based professional pop art artist who also manages the operations of a pop art studio. Different artists work together to create pop art impressions.

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